Goals / Mission

Vision: Our vision at Living Hope High School is to provide a quality Christian high school education to the poorest and brightest orphans and vulnerable children in the Bungoma Central District of Kenya. We are raising and educating the Christian leaders of tomorrow.

Goals: The goals of Living Hope High School are coordinated with the four areas of focus of the United Methodist Church.

Develop Christian Leaders: Living Hope High School is holding its students to high academic standards. They remain enrolled only if they pass the yearly standardized tests of Kenya. They are required to take Christian education classes taught by a local Christian minister all four years and attend prayer services every evening. Students are challenged to witness to their faith by becoming involved in the United Methodist NO MORE MALARIA program using their skills to serve their fellow man. Our choir has performed for local schools, officials and guardians of the students. Our choir is being molded into a youg christian performing choir. This choir ministry is a positive witness for Christ in our community.

Start New Congregations and Revitalize Existing: Use campus buildings are used for local congregational worship and fellowship every week. Our students, male and female find it normal to testify and preach at daily devotions about Christ in their lives. We encourage students to enter the ministry. Several are attending local Bible colleges. We use their choir ministry to sing and witness in the community to their Christian faith.

Ministry with the Poor: All students are completely poverty stricken and unable to pay for secondary school. They now have an opportunity to graduate from an accredited high school, to board in safety where they can evade hunger, and to be housed in new cottages away from the elements, and to be vaccinated, tested, and treated for life threatening diseases. Every student and all faculty are vaccinated fro thypnoid and treated for all ailments and diseases.

Stamp Out Killer Disease: All students will be able to maintain a healthy life with proper nutrition, sanitary facilities, mosquito nets and vaccinations and tests for typhoid, TB and Malaria and STDs. All students after their form 1 year are required to take CPR classes and form 2 students take the First Aid class taught by the Kenya Red Cross. This first aid education has equipped them by using learned skills to serve their fellow man. Every one of our faculty members is a certified Kenya Red Cross first aid graduate. We are the only school in Kenya that has this faculty reguirement. The school plans to become a much needed distribution site for United Methodist No More Malaria nets in western Kenya in the future. We have begun to explore this possibility with the UM GBGM in New York.

Mission statement: As Christians, we are compelled to care for and help others. The Bible instructs us in James 1:27 to care for orphans in their troubles. We are committed to the support of the students of LIVING HOPE HIGH SCHOOL with our prayers, love, time, and money. By putting Jesus’ word into practice, we can give these children HOPE, a bright future, and a chance to witness to their deep faith in Jesus Christ. Our hope is to empower our students through spiritual values to be ever conscious of the human rights of all, to break the cycles of poverty and AIDS, to eliminate child abuse and the use of child labor, and to prevent malnutrition and deadly diseases.

History: LIVING HOPE HIGH SCHOOL was born of necessity. At Rehema Orphanage in Bungoma, Kenya, there were 24 eighth graders graduating from primary school. There was no money or plan for either sustenance or education for these impoverished children. The children had no hope for the future.

In February 2010, we opened our doors in two rented storerooms. God sent us a dedicated Christian staff. Most had been orphans and understood the desperate situation of the poverty cycle. Our principal and assistant principal, both with college degrees, gave up good teaching jobs to work for us at half pay. The staff was called by God to work long and hard to get the school started.

As of January, 2016, we have completed six years. We are newly registered with the Kenya Board of Education as an accredited four year high school. We just graduated our third class of seniors in Dec. 2015. The school has many new unsponsored Form one 9th graders. Our gender ratio is about 50/50. Our student body consists of about 90 students. The Lord has sent us a sponsor for all of our Form 2 - Form3 (except 2)–and Form4 (except 1) students for all four years! Our unsponsored Form 1 (freshmen) students can be found on our web site, Livinghopehighschool.org under "becoming a sponsor" tab. Our students are serious about their academics, their spiritual life, athletics, and their future plans. Our staff of 13 Kenyan teachers and six local non-teaching staff are salaried by a generous donor in South Carolina and other sponsors in a local church. The campus is now 8 acres and we are busy negotiating for additional land in order to increase our cultivated property. The 2015, ten person Methodist VIM mission team has just finished wiring for electricity in two classroom buildings. All our campus classroom buildings have been refurbished or are completely new brick structures. The dining hall has a new floor and has been completely plastered and painted inside. It’s now ready for use as a true dining hall / multi-purpose chapel. The students grow as much of our food as possible. Our 100 banana trees and two acre garden are bountiful producers. Eight new dormitory cottages are completed and in full use. These were donated by churches or individuals. What a blessing to have all our students housed in roomy, comfortable, dry quarters. Under construction is our required new brick science building. We are looking for more donations to complete this project. This building will have labs, lecture rooms, storage, and an office for our science teachers. God is showering us with His blessings. Thanks to recent contributions, we now have two cows for total milk supply and we supply our own eggs as hens reach maturity.

Living Hope High School soccer and volleyball teams are scheduled to begin competitive play in the district in March. Good luck Living Hope “Ambassadors.”

We received the ADVANCE MISSION designation from the General Board of Global Missions of the United Methodist Church in 2012. We have been approved for the next quadrennium until 2020. Businesses and donors may contribute online by going to: advancinghope.org, click on the “give now” tab and use the number #3021425. or click here “give now”

The Riverton United Methodist Church, PO Box 23, Riverton, West Virginia 26814, continues to be our 501(c) (3) tax deductible account holder for local donations and sponsorship donations. Church members and UMW members help us in many ways including bookkeeping, supply collections, and mission awareness for the needs of the school.

The many sponsors, donors, businesses, and contributors throughout the US have found a common purpose in following Christ’s example. The vision and goals of LIVING HOPE HIGH SCHOOL are becoming a reality as sponsored children have their lives changed and are given hope to replace hopelessness. Our motto is “We live to Shine” and we certainly do! Our theme is “God is at work” and He certainly is!

“Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage - with great patience and careful instruction”

2 timothy 4:2